Rosaire & Armelle


A distinctive English teaching method: INTRODUCING ENGLISH

Mr Rosaire Saindon, just like his older brother Pierre-Eudes and older sister Irene, enjoyed a long and fruitful career as a grade school and junior high school teacher. More specifically, Rosaire created an English teaching method that was very popular and appreciated throughout the Province of Québec in the 1970's. Entitled INTRODUCING ENGLISH, this distinctive and innovative English teaching method puts the emphasis on correct pronounciation, by also introducing students to the specific symbols used in the International Phonetic Alphabet.  



                      FOOD FOR THOUGHT:


Our old Uncle Rosaire was very inquisitive and  straightforward.


Today, he would have asked you this simple question :


'' ...Where is your food gonna come from?...


...If you have no farmland, no cattle, no garden, no farmers and no resiliency, you may be wealthy on Bitcoins, but you're gonna have to eat synthetic meat, or perhaps even nothing at all !...

...You need REAL assets, and REAL stuff ! ! 

Rosaire's marriage

Large family, big weddings!