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In memoriam

The Saindon family, from L'Isle-Verte, Québec, Canada



The BIOPONIX technology and product line are a legacy in loving memory of the Saindon family, from the Province of Québec, Canada.


The elder, Michel Saindon, came from Bretagne, France, in the beginning of the Seventeenth Century. He was a royal notary, and landed in Eastern Canada, more precisely in what is called the Acadian Peninsula, in the Province of New Brunswick, for the start of a brand new life in North America, like so many of his pioneer compatriots, in those days. In order to escape from the Great Deportation of Acadian citizens to Louisiana, he decided to move up North, to the Province of Québec.


Michel Saindon and his children are among the Founders and developers of what was then a small village along the Saint-Lawrence River, called L'Isle-Verte. Founded in 1650, and located 300 kilometers East of Québec City (itself founded in 1608), the municipality of L'Isle-Verte holds today one of the loveliest heritage sites that are found in the stunningly beautiful Saint-Lawrence valley. Its majestic Saint-Lawrence River is the gateway to North America, and it was first sailed in 1534 by the French explorer Jacques Cartier, for the King of France, François Ier , in those days.


Carefully maintained and nurtured from generation to generation, the family farm and ancestral land is located in one of the cradles of organic agriculture in Eastern Canada.


We are very pleased to introduce you to this heartful and passionate family, whose hard labor and skilled expertise in organic farming brings a new meaning in today's love of Nature.


L'Isle-Verte in 1914