Rosaire & Armelle

The family estate

Then, in 1970...

....and now !

Mr and Mrs Pierre Saindon's ancestral house is located at 18, Chemin du Côteau des Érables, in the municipality of L'Isle-Verte, Province of Québec, Canada. It has been built in the 1800's, and has undergone many improvements, as the family got larger. Today, this lovely residence is the home of Mr Daniel Saindon ( one of the sons of Rita and Maurice Saindon) and his wife, Mrs Sylvaine Lebel. The family estate also includes a farm, used for breeding miniature horses, a sugar cabin, for the production of organic maple syrup, and a lovely landscape garden enhances the beauty of this remarkeable residence.  

A bird's eye view:

As you can see, the Saindon farm used to be a very large installation, in those days. The farm itself was located in front of the family house, just across the street. Many animals were kept: horses, pigs, sheep, cows, hen, turkeys, rabbits, and so on. Pest control was ensured by skilled mousers! These cats never missed the chance of a good catch...and a warm cuddle.

The Saindon estate, in further detail :

The landscape garden

Daniel & Sylvaine!

The sugar shack

The sugar shack!

The miniature horse stables!

The landscaping!